Earth Brands

Whether it be chasing little ones around on yard duty or acting out scenes from Shakespeare, you are pretty much always on your feet as a teacher. 

Thus, I have fallen into a deep obsession with Earth Brands shoes. I first bought a pair of Earth Brands flats over the summer because the soles literally felt like pillows were hugging my feet (this is not an exaggeration). If you follow me on Instagram, you know I wear them constantly. And it's not just because they're stinking cute (which they are!), I wear them nearly every day because my back doesn't hurt at the end of the day when I wear them, which has become incredibly important to me as I've gotten older. 

*An awesome added bonus about Earth Brands? They care about the planet and have partnered with a non-profit company to plant trees across the globe. "Buy a shoe, plant a tree on earth." The hippie in me now has full justification for purchasing many more ... 

Here are some snaps of my new, favorite pair, the Earthies Manza in Taupe

And some snaps in my other shoes :)

Which ones are your favorites? Do you own any Earth Brands shoes?

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