Crossover Strap Pumps

I'm so happy to have added these crossover strap pumps from Ssh-oes to my shoe collection. They are super versatile and would you believe it - they are SUPER comfortable! I wore them all night on Friday night, and my feet didn't hurt once (shocking, I know). I also love that these shoes are quiet, as in, they don't make that ridiculous CLONK, CLONK noise as you walk around (hence, the play-on-words name, Ssh-oes ... brilliant, right?). As a teacher, walking around in my classroom in heels, especially when kids were testing, was like a game of hot lava, trying not to make too much noise as I would walk. So I love that Mary, the founder of Ssh-oes, came up with this great concept (I also love the story behind what inspired her design).

Make sure to follow along with me on Instagram, as I will be partnering with Ssh-oes today for an awesome giveaway!

  Teacher Fashion 1 

Teacher Fashion 2

Teacher Fashion 3


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