LuLa Roe My Honest Thoughts

I try really hard not to be a "bandwagon" fashion buyer. Remember those cute pointy-toed heels with studs on them that were all the rage a few years ago? Yea, didn't buy any of those - as cute as they were, I'm glad I didn't spend my money. I try to purchase mostly classic, timeless pieces, especially if I'm going to be forking over a pretty penny.

So when LuLa Roe came at all of us (mostly teachers) like a freight train screeching through the night, I resisted. What can I say, I was born with a rebellious attitude. I continued to resist, until my serious FOMO wrangled me into making my first LuLa Roe purchase. I grabbed a Madison in a beautiful lavender color. When it arrived, I wasn't incredibly impressed for the price. And to make matters worse, the Madison is still hanging in my closet, impatiently waiting to be worn :/ 

I figured my experience with LuLa Roe would end there, and I simply wasn't a LuLa Roe gal. Maybe my style is just a little too different than that of the brand. So I all but gave up, went back to Old Navy, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and all of my standard go-to stores, and called it a day. 

So when Sarah from @lularoelovekarensarah contacted me about a possible collaboration, I figured I'd give the brand a second shot. Sarah sent me some beautiful pieces - two leggings, an Amelia dress, and a Carly dress. After spending a few days in each piece, I've compiled an honest review of each below. 

Carly Dress: I truly love this piece, as the fabric is quite substantial and soft. I like styling it with a belt, a side tie, or a denim vest. Definitely my favorite LuLa Roe piece! :)

The Infamous Leggings: They're comfortable for sure, but because they're one size fits all, they don't really fit me all that great. I tend to dress more conservative and preppy, so the unique patterns aren't really my jam - although I know others absolutely love them! Contrary to the other prices, the leggings are a decent bargain! 

Amelia Dress: What I can I say? I really do love the flattering design of this dress. But the material is less than desirable. The top of the dress has a nice, soft material, but the skirt part of the dress feels stiff and on the thin side. For $65, I would expect a more substantial material used for the skirt. That doesn't take away from how much I love the flattering design though! 

All in all, I do like LuLa Roe, but you won't be finding me searching high and low for any specific piece. I think my personal style is simply different than their target audience. However, I know many of my teacher friends love this brand, so feel free to try some pieces out and form your own opinion! :) 

What are your thoughts? Are you a LuLa Roe friend or foe? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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