7 Winter Teacher Outfits for the Classroom

Dressing for the winter in the classroom can be a bit of a challenge. It's freezing outside, but then you get inside and it's sweltering hot (and you may not even have access to control the temperature in your classroom - thank goodness I do!). I find winter to be such a fun season to dress for, but it can definitely test my ability to dress well. There are days where I want to go to school in the closest thing to sweatpants and a sweatshirt simply to stay warm (I, of course, resist that urge). And let me tell you, after moving from Southern California (where it's 50-60 degrees in the winter) to Northern California (where it's 25-45 degrees in the winter) I have been chilled to my core!!

So to help you get dressed and ready through the rest of the winter, I've rounded up some of my favorite winter teacher outfits for the classroom. Many of these looks include pieces that I've reused and am re-wearing. (Does anyone else feel bad buying something and then only wearing it once or twice? Why do that when you could get so much more use out of it simply by layering or adding a different scarf?!)

You'll notice a trend with a lot of these looks - black, grey, and white. Since I had to buy a lot more winter-y clothes (moving from LA, I have basically zero), I decided to stick to a color theme so I could more easily mix and match. To add color, simply throw on a scarf!

This skirt (all the heart eyes). I wish J. Crew still had it in stock, but I purchased it about three years ago. J. Crew is still on the fluted skirt train, and I think they're beautiful. There's just something whimsical and extra girly about this style (and I'm not even super girly-girl at all!).

I love this look simply for the ease of it. Black jeggings, black top, grey sweater. What you can't see in this picture is that this sweater has adorable buttons down the back of it - I love the added detail to make it an especially unique piece! In the mornings, I throw on my warm winter coat, and I'm ready to go!

I love all of the layers in this look. On days that it rains, I dislike wearing jeggings because they tend to get wet or damp and they stay that way for a while. Instead, tights and a skirt (or in this case, a dress), will dry out much faster! This look has many layers to it. I started with a darling Banana Republic Factory dress ($35 - a steal!), added an old chambray, a sweater, and then a vest. The layering is what makes this look stand out, and I just absolutely love it. 

Another simple look to keep in your back pocket. Black jeggings (per usual), a white blouse, and a cream (or any color would work) vest. Add a scarf for some more color and depth!

I wish Banana Republic still had this pencil skirt in stock because I loved styling it for winter, but you could absolutely wear this skirt any time of year in the classroom - it's incredibly versatile. I got it from Banana's sale rack with an additional 40% off - it came to about $25 (can't pass that up!). Adding black to the rest of the look makes it an easy one to wear over and over again :) 

If you follow me on Instagram or you've read this post, you know how much I love this sweater. It is so soft, and while it is kind of a stand-out piece that people notice, I think you could get away with wearing this once a week if your heart desired! Just add different scarves and/or vests to change the look!

Another great Banana Republic Factory investment in this coat (of course, got it on sale!). It's a great coat to wear through winter and the fall and spring - one of those versatile pieces that can be worn again and again. I'm a big believer in purchasing quality, timeless pieces! 

I also recently added this jacket to my wardrobe, and I've been wearing it over pretty much every outfit! Keeps me warm outside for yard duty :) 

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My Favorite Winter Piece

This striped turtleneck is my favorite winter go-to piece right now. It's beyond comfortable and it can be dressed up for school or dressed down for the weekend. Either way, you'll be sure to get compliment after compliment in this beautiful piece.

To dress it up for work, throw on a pair of comfortable black jeggings and some cute black boots. I also like pairing this with a black or burgundy vest when I wear it to school. To dress it down for the weekend, simply trade out the black jeggings for a pair of jeans and add a vest! I love these down vests from J. Crew - make sure to grab one while they're still on sale!

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A Weekend With Earth Brands

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love Earth Brands. So I got together with them to do a little weekend takeover of their Instagram account. Here are some of my favorite shots from our weekend together. (I've linked up all of the shoes that are still in production - they're the best teacher shoe ever made!

The first day, we went to a local town fair, and I paired the Earth Odyssey Ankle Boots with a fun dress and layered thin sweater. These were the perfect shoes to walk around town in!

On the second day, we spent the day exploring San Francisco - from the Painted Ladies to Pier 39, we definitely did A LOT of walking. The Earthies Bindis in Coral were an excellent match for a more casual, yet preppy look. (Bonus, no blisters at all, and it was my first time wearing them for that long!)

Are you an Earth Brands fanatic like I am? I've included links to some of my favorite pairs that I own!

Spring Teacher Outfits for the Classroom

As the temps go up and the summer gets closer, it's always fun to start breaking out my spring teacher outfits! I'm currently loving these spring looks that are totally appropriate for the classroom and super comfortable! I've done my best to link up as many pieces as possible for you, but some of these items I've had in my closet for years. If I couldn't find the exact piece, I added some other looks that were inspired by my original outfit. Enjoy your springtime in the classroom!

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, I will be donating 50% of all my earnings from my links. That means, when you purchase through one of these links, 50% of my commission will go to helping a local school in need! It's a win-win for everyone :) 

Look One
Any cute tunic paired with white denim jeans is such an easy look! These white denims are a bit pricier, but I've had them for over 4 years, and they are still in phenomenal shape. Plus, they fit me perfectly! I also love these easy, Earth Brands shoes - most comfortable shoes ever!

Look Two
Another simple and easy-to-put together look. White denim in the spring is a definite must-have item!

Look Three
You can never go wrong with a good-fitting pink dress! I also love these Earth Brands shoes - I linked up some similar styles (that I actually like more to be honest)!

Look Four
Pink and blue is a great color combo. I broke out these espadrilles again, too -
such a great piece to have, especially if you can find comfortable ones to wear in the classroom!

Look Five
Pencil skirts have always been a favorite of mine! I counted one time, and over the years, I've collected 40+ pencil skirts - yikes, I know, just don't tell my husband ;) Since this skirt is no longer in stock, I included some of my absolute favorite ones that I've found online.

Look Six
Another great pink dress - this one is a little bit more casual though (purchased from Old Navy a few years ago). Love wearing these Earth Brands wedges with my dresses - they're the perfect, easy shoe :)

Look Seven
Like I said, pencil skirts are great pieces to have in your teacher wardrobe! I absolutely love this black and white striped one and have had it for years - I got it for about $8 at Old Navy :)

Look Eight
I don't need to say anything more about pink dresses, other than that I probably shouldn't buy anymore! This one is from Target a few summers ago, but I included some cute ones I found recently online for you :) 

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