Quick and Easy Back to School Teacher Outfit

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, The Styled Teacher!

My name is Caitlin (Cate on social media), and I am an 8th grade teacher at a small school in Northern California. I absolutely love teaching this age group, as they are old enough for some really challenging content (like Shakespeare), but also still young to not think they're too cool for school. My specialty is in Middle School English Language Arts, and I also have a whole separate blog at EB Academic Camps where I share all about my teaching!

Today I wanted to share with you some quick and easy looks for back to school, since that time of the year is once again upon us. Some of my absolute favorite places to shop for my teacher outfits are Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory. They always have incredible sales and just really classic pieces that can be worn year after year (which is important - you really want to get good use out of every piece you add to your closet). This white skirt that I've styled for you is one piece that I am just so happy I purchased - I've included some similar styles for you since this piece was from last year. You could also very easily add a sweater to this look and bring it into fall and warmer winter days. (That whole no white after Labor Day is just a silly rule that should be broken!)


  1. Cate, your skirt is SO gorgeous! The details are so pretty and it looks like it would be great in and out of the classroom. I love all the ways you styled it! So excited to be in this linkup with you! xoxo, Jenny

  2. I loved my language arts classes in Middle School! I think it's great that you enjoy teaching it so much. Banana Republic Factory is one of my favorites! I love finding classic pieces their. That skirt is so pretty!

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