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Navigating Casual Fridays in Educational Settings

Not only in the professional field, but also many educational institutions have now embraced ‘casual Fridays’. They provide an opportunity to break free and show some of your personal style, but it’s important not take this freedom too far as well.  This article addresses how casual Fridays are setting up classroom educators for success. 1. […]

Writing a Compelling Bio for Professional Profiles

Writing a good bio for professional accounts are critical as an educator. A great bio not only is an opportunity for us to show off our skills and accolades, but also shares a little into who we are as people.  So, let’s talk about how to craft a superior bio that adequately communicates our essence […]

Networking Online through LinkedIn and Other Platforms

Networking is not what it used to be, and in the digital world of today it become much more than shaking hands with someone at a work event. Building robust and diverse networks is also an essential strategy for lifelong learning, career advancement as well as higher level role or succession planning both within education […]

Exploring the Rise of Personalized Learning in Education

Personalized learning is a powerful and fast-growing trend in education, that allows to create modern learning experiences accommodating individual needs of each student. The rise of ever-evolving technology is paving the way for personalized learning techniques created by educators to increase student engagement and prospects in an effective manner.  This article discusses the emergence of […]

Side Hustles and Additional Income Streams for Educators

In the new, more unpredictable economy of today’s, teachers are increasingly turning to other revenue streams beyond their standard salaries. It not only adds your side income but also helps in exploring new things as well as some distant skills that you can develop.  We elaborate on different kinds of side hustle ideas and tactics […]

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