How to Wear Booties

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how to properly wear booties. First of all, I think you can wear booties however you would like, as long as you like the way they look! These are all just suggestions based on my personal opinions :) It's not the end all be all of bootie fashion! Here are my top 5 favorite ways to wear booties - all of which are appropriate for the classroom.

#1 Wear your pants tucked all the way into your boots!
You may have to wear leggings (only if you're wearing a long tunic or really long shirt - leggings are not pants!) or pants that go all the way to your ankles because it will look silly if you can partially see your skin.

#2 Wear them with a dress (with or without tights). 
I love wearing booties with dresses during the fall and winter - they help take less wintery outfits into the different seasons.

#3 Wear them with pencil skirts! 
This is honestly one of my favorite looks. Booties and pencil skirts look so super cute and are perfect for you teacher fashionistas! #buyallthepencilskirts

#4 Cuffed. 
I love cuffing about 2 inches so they hit just above where the bootie starts. Make sure you do this with tight-legged jeans otherwise it can look a little sloppy.

#5 Rolled hem. 
This is probably how I wear my booties most often and with any of my straight leg pants. I roll the hem over as close to the hem as possible and then roll them one more time. Really easy and cute!

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