9 Easy Spring Teacher Outfits Ideas

Spring is probably my favorite season to dress for in the classroom. Yes, I do love fall - the beautiful colors, the changing leaves, scarves! But I love being WARM. Sitting outside with the sun shining on my face just brings me some sense of inner happiness that I can't put into words.

So when the sun comes out about this time of year and starts shining early in the morning until later in the evening, my spring teacher outfits dust themselves off and make their way out of my closet. Some of my go-to spring teacher pieces include dresses, skirts, and white denim jeggings (you can never go wrong with white denim jeggings - they're spring's answer to the winter black denim jeggings).

Here are some of my favorite looks for this spring, along with links to as many of the pieces as I could find. (I'm also four months pregnant in these pics just as an FYI!) Please note these are affiliate links, which help keep my little part of the internet alive :) 

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You can grab the dress here and the rest of the outfit below. 

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