5 Must-Have Items for Every Teacher's Closet

Let's face it, as teachers it can be exhausting some days just to get up and go to work, let alone look professional and put together while doing it. We also don't have very much money to spend since we are grossly underpaid (I dare someone to challenge me on that statement ...). So I've compiled a list of the top 5 must-have items for every teacher's closet. These are picks that can be worn again and again in a variety of ways and should be purchased ASAP if you haven't done so already.

#1 A Comfortable and Versatile Pair of Shoes
As you can tell, I wear these Earth Brands booties ALL THE TIME. And they go with everything. I can wear them in the spring, winter, summer, or fall. They go with black, brown, white, grey, virtually any color. And the most important thing, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. In short, buy a pair of comfortable shoes that you know you will wear often and that are classic enough that they won't go out of style in a year.

#2 Black Jeggings 
Let's begin by saying leggings are NOT pants - you cannot wear leggings in the classroom. I forbid you! But seriously, buy yourself some thick black jeggings that you can wear with anything - a tunic, a sweater, a tee, anything. I have three pairs from Citizens of Humanity. And before you tell me how expensive that brand is, I know. But in the fall and winter these pants get worn probably 3-4 times a week at least. I want them to last, so I bought great quality pants. And they've lasted me for years and years.

#3 A Comfortable, Light Color Chambray
Chambrays may be slowly going out of style, but I still think they are a great addition to a teacher's wardrobe. Since I don't see them being around for that much longer, I would grab one from a less expensive store like Old Navy or Target. These pictures are a perfect example of how useful a chambray can be. You have a fall look on the left, winter in the middle and spring on the right - all using the same shirt. Now that's what I call getting your bang for your buck. I purchased this chambray from Anthropologie - it is form-fitting, soft and incredible quality. Another piece that I spent more money on because I have worn it for years and it has lasted me that long.

#4 A Pencil Skirt You Love
I wear this pencil skirt all the time. It goes with virtually every color top, it's comfortable, chic and really cute. I grabbed this puppy from Target and couldn't be happier with the purchase. This similar skirt from Target is only $7 right now - I would get on that ASAP :)

#5 A Short-Sleeve Cardigan
This specific cardigan is years old from J.Crew, and I love it because it looks so darling over dresses and tops that I wouldn't normally wear in the classroom. I am a stickler for covering your shoulders if your straps are too thin, so this short-sleeve cardigan is the perfect answer to that problem. This specific cardigan is also really feminine with the ruffles on the sides, which I absolutely love. We'll probably have to wait until spring again to find some cute short sleeve cardigans for sale online ... I searched high and low for something similar for you and came up empty-handed ... :(

What are some of your must-have teacher wardrobe items? I'd love to know! Share in the comments below :) 


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