Spring Teacher Outfits for the Classroom

As the temps go up and the summer gets closer, it's always fun to start breaking out my spring teacher outfits! I'm currently loving these spring looks that are totally appropriate for the classroom and super comfortable! I've done my best to link up as many pieces as possible for you, but some of these items I've had in my closet for years. If I couldn't find the exact piece, I added some other looks that were inspired by my original outfit. Enjoy your springtime in the classroom!

Look One
Any cute tunic paired with white denim jeans is such an easy look! These white denims are a bit pricier, but I've had them for over 4 years, and they are still in phenomenal shape. Plus, they fit me perfectly! I also love these easy, Earth Brands shoes - most comfortable shoes ever!

Look Two
Another simple and easy-to-put together look. White denim in the spring is a definite must-have item!

Look Three
You can never go wrong with a good-fitting pink dress! I also love these Earth Brands shoes - I linked up some similar styles (that I actually like more to be honest)!

Look Four
Pink and blue is a great color combo. I broke out these espadrilles again, too -
such a great piece to have, especially if you can find comfortable ones to wear in the classroom!

Look Five
Pencil skirts have always been a favorite of mine! I counted one time, and over the years, I've collected 40+ pencil skirts - yikes, I know, just don't tell my husband ;) Since this skirt is no longer in stock, I included some of my absolute favorite ones that I've found online.

Look Six
Another great pink dress - this one is a little bit more casual though (purchased from Old Navy a few years ago). Love wearing these Earth Brands wedges with my dresses - they're the perfect, easy shoe :)

Look Seven
Like I said, pencil skirts are great pieces to have in your teacher wardrobe! I absolutely love this black and white striped one and have had it for years - I got it for about $8 at Old Navy :)

Look Eight
I don't need to say anything more about pink dresses, other than that I probably shouldn't buy anymore! This one is from Target a few summers ago, but I included some cute ones I found recently online for you :) 

Use each of these looks as inspiration as you look through what you already have! Do you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for Teacher Fashion Inspiration?

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