What to Wear on a Plane

So, what to wear on a plane? This always seems to be a big struggle for people. My mom will call me to ask what she should wear on a 16-hour flight to Sydney or a 9-hour flight to Europe every single time. And I have to say, I think I may have mastered the art of what to wear on a plane this past trip to Europe.

Normally, I would wear leggings with a long tunic, or workout clothes in order to stay comfortable. But this past trip, we would be landing in London at noon with only 48 hours to spend in the city. I had to be ready to walk off of that plane, drop off my bag, and start touring the city. So how can one be stylish and comfortable enough while flying to be able to sleep? Here's what I wear:

Black long-sleeve dress (like wearing a nightgown but much more socially acceptable - they call this a "tunic" on Anthropologie, but I wore it as a dress the whole time)
Comfortable brown boots (I chose flat boots for walking miles upon miles in London)
Long-sleeve sweater (to keep me warm on the plane - make sure to get one that doesn't wrinkle!)
Scarf (because scarves always make everything more stylish - I don't have a link to this exact scarf, but I just bought the one I linked up for you!)

If I wanted to, I could have added warm leggings (for traveling to colder climates), a vest, or even a heavier jacket. Either way, I'm in layers that are going to keep me warm on a plane (because planes get cold!), but that I can take off while standing in customs or waiting to get off the plane when everything starts to swelter up!

The second look is a different version of my plane outfit. This picture is on our way home from Munich (same trip as the picture above). Mind you, I packed carry-on for this trip and at this point, this dress had been worn at least 7 or 8 of the past 18 days :)

Shop some of these looks below!

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