Why Teacher Fashion Matters: Part One

Welcome to Part One of Teacher Fashion 101. Today, I'll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the semi-controversial topic of WHY TEACHER FASHION MATTERS, as well as giving you tips and tricks to help make dressing for success in the classroom just a bit easier!

As a teacher, I've always noticed the underlying importance of one's appearance as an educator. Yes, on some level, I do dislike the "keeping up with the Jones' " that fashion can sometimes create, but as a teacher, appearance means a lot - probably more than you think.

Let's be honest here. Your appearance is your first impression when you meet new people - whether you like it or not. Beyond this though, putting effort into what you wear and how you present yourself can make a BIG difference in how you feel throughout the course of the day. When I throw on jeans and a cute blouse instead of sweats and a workout shirt, I feel just a little bit more confident and better about how I look. (We all know the feeling of bumping into someone when we aren't looking our best ...)

Most importantly, as educators, it is our JOB to be role models for our students, and if we don't look like we spent any time preparing ourselves for our job, how can we expect our students to do the same (or look like they at least showered within the past week!)?*

Here is my first tip (of many) to ensure you will feel fantastic about yourself throughout the day!


I always spend about 5 minutes the night before picking out an outfit. In the morning, I just throw it on, and I'm ready to go! No standing in front of my closet for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear or changing my outfit FIVE times before heading out the door!

I like to hang my outfit up to see how (and if!) the pieces will go together. If it works, I leave it hanging up in my closet just like this, so I can grab and go in the morning. (Sometimes I will even try my outfit on the night before to make sure it works - especially if it's a new look I'm trying out.) All of this takes quite a bit of stress off of my shoulders when trying to get out the door on time. 

What are your thoughts on appearance in education? Please share in the comments below!

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*This does not apply to teachers who risk the chance of getting thrown-up on or glitter and glue stuck to his/her clothes! ;)

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