My Favorite Tunic for Teaching

When I find a top that I love, I end up buying it in essentially every color I can. While this tunic had been around the fashion blogosphere for a while, I didn't want to "jump on the bandwagon" so to speak and just buy it because everyone else had it. Well, I finally caved and thought that I may as well try it out since everyone raves about it.

And they were right.

This tunic is AMAZING. I've been wearing one of the three colors I got at least twice a week. What I love so much about it (beyond the fabric and perfect fit) is that you can wear it as a piece on its own or you can wear it as a layering piece! It really is a great laying piece.

You do have to wear a cami underneath it, and for teaching, I'll just throw on a basic cami that I got at Old Navy for less than $6 - I have this one in black, white, and pink.

Check out how I styled it three different ways below!

Convinced yet? I thought so ;) 

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